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In addition to the basic functions provided by the built-in Log Center application, the Log Center package also provides you with the following advanced functions: Send and receive logs from other network devices via syslog logging standard. Monitor log volume according to device. Specify log archival destination and create rules to .... If the SIEM analysis detected malware or malicious activity, it could generate alerts. Synology is dedicated to revolutionizing how companies manage their data by making it elegantly simple, secure, and dependable. They are proud to offer a diverse range of solutions that are backed by cutting-edge innovation and field-proven reliability, as. Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM with advanced AI and security analytics to help you detect, hunt, prevent, and respond to threats across your enterprise. Show activity on this post. sudo bash install. here is a. 365Calc is a tool to help determining the size and the growth of storage repositories for Microsoft Office 365 Backups.
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